23 March 2017

Table Tennis

1. Sports venue

The table tennis competition will be held in Sports Hall Driebeek.

Click to see how to get to Sports Hall Driebeek.

2. Sportspecific info

The table tennis competition is a team tournament

Class Divison

  • Men “Open Class” for all ages.
  • Men “ Senior Class” for 40 years and over (40+).
  • Women “Open Class” for all ages.
  • Women “ Senior Class” for 40 years and over (40+).
  • Mix “Open Class” for all ages.
  • Mix “ Senior Class” for 40 years and over (40+).

Game model

  • A team consists of min. 2 and max. 4 players
  • Each competition consists of 3 matches:
    • Men: Doubles – Singles 1 – Singles 2
    • Women: Doubles – Singles 1 – Singles 2
    • Mixed: Mixed doubles – Woman’s singles – Men’s singles


  • The tournament will be held under the ABC Pool/CUP system.
  • Matches are played without the referee. The players themselves judge the individual games.
  • Games are played to the best of 3 sets, up to 11 points.
  • The teams are ranked in each pool on points, so that the team with the most points is no. 1 and the next-best team is no. 2 etc.
    • If 2 teams are tied, the games they have played together decide the results.
    • If the teams are still tied, the team with the biggest difference between games won and games lost, the difference between sets and then in points, is the winner.
  • The rules of The International Table Tennis Federation apply.

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