23 March 2017


1. Sports venue

The tournament takes place at Blaarmeeersen, the accommodation has 7 outdoor and 10 indoor tennis courts, and at TC Racso

Click to see how to get to Blaarmeersen or TC Racso.

2. Sportspecific info

The tennis competition is a team tournament.

Class Division

  • Men “Open Class” for all ages.
  • Men “ Senior Class” for 40 years and over (40+).
  • Women “Open Class” for all ages.
  • Women “ Senior Class” for 40 years and over (40+).
  • Mix “Open Class” for all ages.
  • Mix “ Senior Class” for 40 years and over (40+).

Game model

  • A team consists of min. 2 and max. 4 players.
  • Each competition consists of 3 matches:
    • Men: Doubles – Singles 1 – Singles 2
    • Women: Doubles – Singles 1 – Singles 2
    • Mixed: Mixed doubles – Women’s singles – Men’s singles


  • The tournament will be held under the ABC Pool/CUP system.
  • Matches are played without the referee. The players themselves judge the individual games.
  • Each match lasts 60 min. (incl. 5 min. warming up). No sets are played (only games will be counted).
  • The teams are ranked in each pool on points, so that the team with the most points is no. 1 and the next-best team is no. 2 etc.
    • If 2 teams are tied, the games they have played together decide the result.
    • If the teams are still tied, the team with the biggest difference between games lost and games won, the difference between sets and the in points, is the winner.
  • Indoor and outdoor matches will be played.
  • The rules of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) apply.

3. Documents




With the support of  TC Racso