23 March 2017

Football 11

1. Sports venue

The football 11 competition takes place on the soccer fields of Henri Story.

Click to see how to get to the soccer fields of Henri Story.

2. Sportspecific info

Class division

Men “Open Class” for all ages.

Game model

  • A team consists of max. 16 players.
  • 4 field players may be replaced at any time in each game on application to the referee.
  • The goalkeeper may be replaced when play is interrupted.


  • The tournament will be held under the ABC Pool/CUP system.
  • Matches are played with an official referee.
  • The yellow card means suspension for 10 minutes, red or 2 yellow cards mean suspension to the end of the match.
  • Each match consists of 2 x 20 min. (5 min. break).
  • The teams are ranked in each pool on points, so the team with the most points is no. 1 and the next-best team is no. 2 etc.
    • If 2 teams are tied, the games they have played together decide the result.
    • If the teams are still tied, the team with the biggest difference between goals scored and the most goals against, is the winner.
  • Ball: size no. 5
  • Goal dimensions: 7,32m * 2,44m
  • Fields: artificial grass.
  • The rules of the International Football Federation apply.


  • Bring your own ball to warm-up.
  • Bring 2 sorts of play shirts (preferably numbered).
  • Regular football shoes with plastic studs and shin pads must be worn.

3. Documents




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