26 April 2017

Transport to Ghent

Transportation Airport –> Ghent

Transfer costs to and from railway stations and airports is not included in the participation price. However, on this page you can find all information about all different possibilities you can use. If you want the organization to help you arrange your transport, ofcourse we are here to help.

Six Airports

Belgium counts 6 airports. The airports are located in Zaventem, Charleroi, Liège, Ostend, Antwerp and Wevelgem.

Brussels Airport, founded in 1940, is the biggest and most important airport in Belgium. Approximately 17- 21 million passengers check in at Brussels Airport every year. 56 Different airlines operate from Brussels Airport and fly to more than 70 countries all over the world.

50 Km South of Brussels, we find Charleroi Airport, also called Gosselies Airport. The small size and relative proximity to Brussels ensures that the airport is an interesting destination for low-fare airlines. Below, we will briefly explain to you how to get from the Airport to the city of Ghent:


Ghent counts 2 important train stations: Gent Sint-Pieters and Gent Dampoort. Gent Sint-Pieters was built in 1912, south of the old city centre. The station counts 6 platforms and 12 rails. With his 56.000 passengers a day, the station is the most important one of the city of Ghent and even one of the most important stations of Belgium. Gent Dampoort is the second most important station of Ghent. The station was built in 1972 and is located at the outside of the city. The city of Ghent is easily and quickly accessible from Station Gent Dampoort.

The easiest way from Brussels Airport to Ghent, is by train. A train runs every half hour between the airport and Gent Sint-Pieters.

Other interesting direct connections are:

  • Antwerp Berchem to Ghent Sint-Pieters
  • Ostend to Ghent Sint-Pieters
  • Brussels South to Ghent Sint-Pieters

Prices vary from €11,50 for -26 year olds to €15,80 for +26 year olds.

Check out your train table here: http://www.belgianrail.be/en/Default.aspx


 If you want to rent a large bus to transport your team/company to Ghent, here are some possible rentals:

If you land in Antwerp, Ostend, Charleroi or Liège, you must take the bus before you can take a (direct) train to Ghent:

  • Antwerp International Airport to Station Antwerp-Berchem: bus 51, 52, 53 (De Lijn)
  • Charleroi Airport to Station Charleroi-Zuid: local Airport bus
  • Ostend-Bruges International Aiport to Station Ostend:  bus 6 (De Lijn)
  • Liège Airport to Station Liège: bus 53, 57 (TEC)

 Charleroi Airport also provides a direct shuttle from the airport to Ghent Sint-Pieters:

For more information, click one of the following links:


If you’re not interested in taking the train, you can take a taxi. Prices can vary from €65 to €120. Don’t hesitate too long to book a taxi if you want to be sure of your transport. We’ve already looked up potential firms:

  • Luchthavenvervoer Kevin (+32 (0) 478/276.320)
  • PDR Driver Services (+32 (0) 477/497.879)
  • Taxi Driver Brussel (+32 (0) 479/349.349)
  • Kristalbad: (+32 (0) 475/292.084)