15 November 2016


All participants are assumed to agree with our terms of use except explitely mentioned otherwise (info@ecsgghent.be ).

All the competitions will be organized in accordance with the EFCS regulations. Here is some more information:

  • Each participant will be given the opportunity to participate on at least two days. Participation in several disciplines (depending on the schedule) is possible for the following sports: athletics, orienteering, cycling and swimming.
  • The Games are also open for sports athletes with a disability.
  • Award ceremonies will take place in the sports location following the last competition.
  • The organization beholds all rights to cancel a sports discipline (e.g. not enough registrations). No refunds can be claimed due to cancellation of a sports discipline.
  • Participation in “ECSG Ghent 2017” is at one’s own risk. The association shall only be liable in the event that it can be found guilty of intent or serious fault.
  • Doping tests may be carried out during the games.
  • Detailed regulations, schedules and locations will be published soon.