Getting around the city!

Hi there! Although we already have quite a lot of information regarding transportation on our website, here’s some practical info -let’s say a short summary and reminder- to get around town next week. Must read!

3 things you need to know about the ECSG2017 opening night!

Hi everyone! We can’t wait to get the 21st edition of the European Company Sport Games started 🙂 ! The schedule for our FIRST night during the Games is 100% ready. On Wednesday June 24th we will hold the ECSG 2017 Opening Ceremony and guess what: you’re all invited to make it an unforgettable event. Here’s 3 things you should really know about the first night!

Promo film launched!

Want to know everything about the 21st edition of the European Company Sport Games? Watch our brand new promo video and you’ll have the most important information in just over one minute!