28 December 2016

Green Run

Next to the 23 sports we are offering during the Games, we also organise our ‘Green Run’ on Saturday June 24th in the Citadel Park.

The Green Run is an event open to absolutely everybody! All ECSG 2017 participants (so not only those competing in our athletics competition) can take part in the 5 or 10 km run, and even the local inhabitants of Ghent can join in if they want!

Let’s make the Green Run an unforgettable way to end the games. Let’s run and have some fun :).


16u00 – 5 km men (Categories: A and B )
16u05 – 5 km men (Categories: C, D and E )
16u10 – 5 km women (All categories)

17u00 – 10 km men (Categories: A and B)
17u05 – 10 km men (Categories: C, D and E)
17u10 – 10 km women (All categories)