Website now also available in French and German!

Hi everyone!

As the 21st edition of the European Company Sport Games 2017 is now only days away, we are aware that our website will be used even more during the Games. That’s why we decided to also translate the most important information to French and German.

You can change the language of the website via the dropdown menu on the upper right hand corner of your screen as shown in the screenshot below:

Changing the language of our website is possible in the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the website menu.

Attention however for 2 important exceptions:

News and information updates (website homepage, bottom of the screen) will still be posted in English only. However if you don’t understand a news item or have questions regarding some information, please contact our multilingual team at the meeting center, also operating Facebook or twitter! They are always at your service.

-Even if you have changed the language in the right corner of the screen, the menu structure will still appear in English. So it might seem the language selection failed, but that’s not the case. It’s just because English is our main website language. If you click on the page you need, you will be able to read the pages in French or German! See the example below:

Text in French after selecting ‘fr’ for French, even when menu is still in English.

Text in German after selecting ‘de’ for German, even when menu is still in English.