Dinner & drinks @ ECSG2017 meeting center!

Hi everyone!

As most of you are coming towards our meeting center for accreditations and the opening ceremony later today. It’s time to explain in detail how you can obtain food and drinks tonight!


We have food tickets in four different colors, for four different days:

  • Yellow = Wednesday
  • Red = Thursday
  • Blue = Friday
  • Orange = Saturday

Food tickets in four different colors, for four different days!

With those food tickets you can go to the buffet! Just to be clear: one ticket = one buffet, two tickets = two buffets, three tickets = three buffets.

Those of you participants that have the food included will receive their food tickets with their accreditations.

Those who visit the meeting center and want to buy food, can buy food tickets at the main entrance.


For drinks you will need a drinks card. This means that before you can go order drinks at the bar, you need to add some money on your card first. For this, you can use our cashless card system!

There are 4 different locations at the meeting center where you can add money to your card. One inside, near the accreditation zone (see picture below) and three other locations outside in tents.

Want to drink something? Add money on your cashless card!


We will have delicious buffets ready at various points in our tent. There will be people cleaning up afterwards, but please also throw away your waste yourself, so the place looks as clean and tidy as possible.

Drink cups will not(!) be disposable, there are used multiple times so you can bring them back to the bar when empty.