Registrations are closed

For those who did not subscibe yet: we are very sorry but you are too late. You can start training for the 22nd edition of the European Company Sport Games OR we assume our participants would appreciate some supporters as well so come on over!

For those who allready subscribed: nice! We are looking forward to meet you in June!

Invoices are on their way, please be patient if you did not receive yours yet.
Schedules are being made but will only be released a couple of days before the start of the games so we can take all last minute changes into account. Feel free to call or mail us for questions but all questions about the playing schedule will remain unanswered.

ps. Make sure to follow us on facebook and keep an eye on your mailbox, newsletters are on their way.

ps 2. You will share the ECSG- experience with almost 5.000 fellow sportsmen and -women from all over Europe!

Be aware the number of participants on this map are only an indication directly distracted from the registration tool and before manual screening and controle. Do not worry if this doesn’t matches with the number of participants you passed along.